Thursday, October 8, 2015

Work Files: My journey as an emcee with Samsung

Hi there! 

I realised that I haven't been saying much about what I am doing lately, so I decided to share with you guys a big part of my life, which is my work life! And since I spend quite a bit of time at work, I thought it might be quite interesting to share with y'all about what I am working as. So I'm creating this segment called "Work Files"! 

Just a brief introduction of what I'm up to on most weekends: 
For the past 3 - 4 years, I have been very very very extremely lucky to be able to get up and head out for work. Lucky to go to work on a weekend? This girl is siao one. Haha. I say I'm lucky because how many people can actually say that they love what they're doing? 

I am an emcee and my journey started when I was 16 (share with y'all more about it if I have the chance next time). In the first few years, my gigs were mostly roadshows - sometimes in supermarkets. But in the recent few years, I started to receiving bookings more frequently.  I run around the country for gigs on most weekends so if you do see or hear me please come by and say hi to me! I do emcee for gigs on weekdays too but they are not very often because I am still a full-time student after all.

Anyways, for the past few weeks, I had the privilege of getting to host two Samsung events: the Note 5 Delights and Galaxy Studio. I had a lot of fun hosting the "Life Hacks" segment for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, where I shared some tips on how to use the S Pen inside the phone to help the users be more productive, efficient, edit nicer selfies, have some entertainment, y'know stuff like these. It was a very fun segment to host and they gave me a cosy stage area with a screen that I could mirror my Note 5 on so everyone can see what I am doing on my phone. 

People in the audience can be really sporting and cute!

My brief moment of fame when my face was shown on the giant screen at Knightsbridge haha

Make up and hair nicer here cos I went for hair and make up hehe

Photo credits: Samsung Mobile Singapore

Some perks of my job also include meeting very fun and interesting people! I also got to interview Julie Tan and YES 93.3FM DJs (Cai Wei Bin and Chen Ning) hehe. Of course I also get to niap some free stuff like coffee, coconut water, popcorn, pastries, etc. 

They say "if you love your job, you never have to work a day". Since young, I've always wanted to do something with my voice. I think people call this narcissism... Being an emcee is a really cool job! Although there are times I feel like I'm getting burnt out from back-to-back gigs, but over the years I've learnt how to pace myself because being burnt out thoroughly is really terrible! For me, taking a short break after a period of back-to-back gigs works! 

Yup! So that's about it for now. When I have more time I shall go dig out my older emceeing photos to share with y'all!